Christian Writing Group

Dear Christian Professional:

Have you wanted to write a book or article but have not found the time or collaborative opportunity? Maybe you are not settled on the topic, format, or journal. I know that feeling. I have been inspired to address it in partnership with Across the Way Christian Resource Center (ATW-CRC).

ATW-CRC bolsters the information, referral, and support services to equip Christian social services workers with resources to work collaboratively with ministries and help individuals and families become more independent. They partnered on the idea of a Christian Professionals Writing Group in 2022 to support their content creation goals.

I am Dr. Michael A. Wright of MAWMedia Group, a Publisher with a passion for storytelling. I signed on for the win-win of supporting an important ministry and connecting with writers seeking inspiration, support, professional editing, and publishing services.

The ATW-CRC Christian Professionals Writing Group will convene a monthly virtual meeting providing you with the support, camaraderie, and accountability to get your writing projects completed. During these 2-hour meetings, you get the benefit of your collaborators reflections as well as my wisdom gained over 540 professional interactions.

If you have read this far, you are likely intrigued to learn more. I am available to answer any questions you may have. The monthly virtual meeting is offered free of charge. Additional services or individualized manuscript editing can be contracted outside the virtual meeting.

We are limiting the first cohort to 40 participants, so give this offer consideration and let me know what you decide within the next 7 days. You have no obligation, but I would appreciate your advice in any event. Thank you for considering this opportunity. I look forward to connecting with you.


Dr. Michael A. Wright, LAPSW
CEO & Executive Coach at MAWMedia Group, LLC
2022 Resident Editor for the ATW-CRC Christian Professionals Writing Group